Help on Query

Using the query interface to the LSU and SSU databases, the sequences or alignments can be obtained in a number of formats.

The query interface allows the selection of desired sequences by using a query. The query page consists of three parts. In the first part the format in which the sequences will be downloaded can be selected from the option box labelled Format.

The second part contains several fields, in which a list of search terms can be typed. When only one field is filled, all sequences containing one or more of the terms in their respective annotation will be returned. The search terms are separated by spaces; if a search term has to include a space, it should be surrounded by double quotes. If more than one field is filled, only sequences matching both queries will be returned.

The third part of the query page lists all taxonomic groups with check buttons that can be used to limit the search to specific taxonomic groups. When one or more of these are checked, only matching sequences from these taxonomic groups will be returned. If groups in this section are checked, but no fields in the second part are filled in, all sequences in the checked groups will be returned when the Get Sequences button is clicked on.