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The workers are automatically started by the script. You usually never need to use this script yourself.

A worker waits for data and does flowgram alignments once it gets it.

Usage: [options]

Input Arguments:



-f, --file_path
Path used as prefix for worker data files[REQUIRED]
-p, --port
Server port [REQUIRED]
-s, --server_address
Server address[REQUIRED]


-e, --error_profile
Path to error profile [DEFAULT: /Users/caporaso/code/qiime/qiime/support_files/denoiser/Data/FLX_error_profile.dat]
-c, --counter
Round counter to start this worker with [default: 0]


Denoise worker writes a log file if verbose flag is set.

Start worker and connect to server listening on port 12345 on the same machine (localhost) -f seqs.fna -f denoiser_out/worker99 -p 12345 -s localhost

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