Welcome to the Ribosomal DNA Primer Database

Primer groups in RDPD

For moment four genes are included in this database. These are:

Naming convention:

Each primer in this database has been given a unique name. This name consists of 5 parts:

  • The first character indicates the group of organisms compatible with the primer and whether the primers are for nuclear or organellar genes:
    • B: Bacterial genes
    • A: Archaeal genes
    • N: Eukaryotic Nuclear genes
    • P: Eukaryotic Plastidial genes
    • M: Eukaryotic Mitochondrial genes
  • The second character indicates the rRNA gene involved:
    • S: Small subunit ribosomal RNA
    • L: Large subunit ribosomal RNA
  • The third character indicates if it is a forward or reverse primer:
    • F: Forward primer
    • R: Reverse primer
  • The first number indicates the corresponding position of the 5´ end of the primer in the sequence of a reference organism
  • The second number represents the length of the primer

Document last updated: Tue Jul 15 12:00:38 MEST 2003