WebPHYLIP is a web version of the original PHYLIP package. Both the original programs and documention written by Joe Felsenstein were modified to reflect the WebPHYLIP interface. In addition, there is a documentation ( pdf) that includes

  1. A flow chart of constructing phylogenies.
  2. [PHYLIP logo with web on it]
  3. How is WebPHYLIP different from PHYLIP (in usage and programs).
  4. Basic phylogeny tutorial on methods and data types.
  5. Q&A on using WebPHYLIP.

Acknowledgementsfor using WebPHYLIP.
Users of WebPHYLIP are requested to consider acknowledging its contribution to their research by citing it as:
A. Lim and L. Zhang (1999) WebPHYLIP: A Web Interface to PHYLIP, Bioinformatics 15. 1068-1069.

Last updated in Feb, 2001.